for Dallas County Commissioner, District 3

Vote for Me, Because…

     I believe Southern Dallas County can develop into a model city and community; we just need a new vision to fix our current outdated services in hopes of mirroring our Northern Dallas districts.

By voting for me, I will do my best to make Southern Dallas County look like Northern Dallas County (which appears as a major U. S. city with all its many different businesses and developed County land).

     Also, voting for me means we will duplicate Northern Dallas County’s successful road and bridge plans within our part of the County. As your elected official, I will oversee programs to make changes happen so we can get closer to resembling Northern Dallas County.

     Additionally, as your voted administrator, I will promote, encourage, and utilize current rules/laws to ensure that, during my time in office, we advance to converting Southern Dallas County to look equal to Northern Dallas County.

     Lastly, a vote for me is a vote for all Dallas County residents to live equally.