for Dallas County Commissioner, District 3

My Experience for this Position:



 Begins with my employment in the City of Dallas Street Department, I maintained roads, supervised crews in making sure every pothole we came across was fixed, and ensured bridge safety when iced over in the winter time. 


During my past 29 years owning a property management company, I have learned and experienced that the key to successful monetary budgeting is not to spend any money unless it is currently budgeted for, as well as allowing budgeting for the future benefits of my children. 


As a business owner, I have observed that contracts should be awarded based on the diversity of the area in which the contract is being assigned. 

Policy Making

Based on my U. S. Air Force experience, I know how to adopt, enforce, and review outdated policies (for revision or deletion) to make sure our County regulations are applicable to today’s society. 

Property Taxes

My experience from earning my Psychology degree has taught me that waiving interest and penalties for property back taxes will be a good tactic in encouraging owners to pay past due taxes.

Record Keeping

Based on my past experience as a supervisor in the City of Dallas Police Department, I have years of administration and supervisor capabilities as their Records Division manager.