for Dallas County Commissioner, District 3

What I Will Do If Elected

      I will be smart to advance our infrastructure system, develop unused Dallas County land, and use my name recognition to advocate social norms throughout the district, which includes schools, churches, and other social gatherings. If elected, under my leadership Dallas County Commissioner District 3 will develop an equal appearance to Northern Dallas County, because I really think that all of Dallas County should aim for the same purpose (whether it be educating our students or ensuring equal development of our County as a whole).

     If I become an elected official, I am experienced enough to uphold the integrity of the position by ensuring our roads and bridges are as modernized as possible. As your spokesperson at schools, churches, and at other social gatherings, I plan to make Southern Dallas County a more desirable place for the current and next generation.

     If you choose to elect me, I am resolved that Southern Dallas County can lead Texas in innovative practices and policies through smart oversight. I believe Southern Dallas County can be a role model by selectively choosing programs for infrastructure improvement and social awareness. 

     I am motivated that (if elected), with a collective agenda, purpose, and goal, we can be SMART for Southern Dallas County, as well as for Texas!

    Thank you in advance for your financial support in helping me ‘bridge the gap’ and create equality for Southern Dallas County communities.